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Why the Digital Workplace is crucial

We enable your workplace evolution to achieve extraordinary results.

In an ever-changing world, adopting the Digital Workplace is essential to remain competitive. With our advice, you can empower your people to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Reduce time spent on secondary processes and improve collaboration between teams, making your company more agile and ready to embrace new opportunities.

Digital Workplace: Why?

Evolve your employee experience into a single digital environment accessible from a single entry point

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Remove obstacles and simplify work processes, enabling your organization to find all relevant information, focus on essential tasks, and improve overall productivity.

  • Quick and easy access to all business resources and systems.
  • Reduce time spent searching for information and managing operational processes.

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With integrated social collaboration and communication tools, such as corporate chat, video conferencing and sharing platforms, employees can collaborate more effectively regardless of geographic distances, enjoying the sharing of ideas and knowledge in real time.

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Optimize business resources by improving business efficiency, making paperless and fully digitalized workflows, and reducing operational costs such as those associated with physical infrastructure.

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By automating processes and using digital tools, you can reduce the margin of error and optimize workflows, increasing overall operational efficiency.

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A digital and cutting-edge work environment attracts top talent and helps keep employees satisfied and motivated.

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Enhance data security: a well-structured digital workplace can ensure the protection of your data and sensitive information through the use of advanced protection measures and well-guarded and controlled access policies.

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Employees can easily and quickly access all the resources they need: documents, reports, guides, and supporting assets through a single, centralized, digital entry-point. This promotes internal transparency, improving understanding of business strategies and future actions to be taken.

Digital Workplace: How?

Build your tailored Digital Workplace with us

The integration of the technologies and applications used is essential to ensure a consistent, fluid and uninterrupted employee experience. We shape your tailor-made Digital Workplace with you, responding precisely to alla specific needs of the various company stakeholders, maximizing benefits and overall employee satisfaction.

Before implementing a digital workplace, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of business needs. This phase includes moments of alignment with employees, managers and other stakeholders to explore operational challenges and identify processes that can be made more efficient thanks to digitization. This initial phase helps us outline your key goals of implementing the Digital Workplace.

Once the business needs have been defined, we select the technologies most in line with your goals and needs. Collaboration platforms, internal communication systems, document management solutions: the choice of tools is always guided by business requirements and ease of use to ensure immediate adoption and ensure the effectiveness of your Digital Workplace.

Successful implementation requires a culture shift within the organization. It is essential to involve employees right from the start of the adoption process and communicate the benefits of the Digital Workplace in a transparent way. Continuous training and assistance are equally crucial to ensure that all employees have an immediate perception of all the functions available to them.

Data security is a priority in a digital environment. Implementing adequate measures is vital to protect company data and employee privacy, granting GDPR compliancy. We make sure that security is always a central aspect when designing your digital workplace.

The end-to-end approach is an integral part of our methodology, which is why we constantly monitor the use of applications, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Continuous optimization of your digital workplace will allow us to support you in adapting processes and tools as your business needs evolve and market transformations.

A successful implementation requires a holistic approach involving people, processes and technology. Through careful planning and constant adaptation to business needs, we make your Digital Workplace a powerful tool to support the long-term success and competitiveness of your organization.

Use Case

Industry Fashion Luxury

Employees 14.000
Country +70
Employer Branding

Conveying to all employees – both in Retail and at the Headquarters – the exclusivity of a work environment connected to a unique Brand in the market, creating a link, especially for stores, between retail and employee experience.

Industry Manufactury

Employees 1.200
Country +4
Organizational and Cultural Growth

Supporting the company's expansion and internationalization journey through a workplace capable of connecting and fostering communication, exchange, and cooperation among diverse workforces and countries.

Industry Telco

Employees 2.000
Country Italy
Service Improvement - technically originated

Improving and expanding services starting from the technological migration from the previous Corporate Portal, creating tailored experiences for each corporate workforce.

Industry Organized Large-Scale Retail

Employees 25.000
Country Italy
Strategic service transformation

Implementing a comprehensive digital workplace for all employees, particularly in stores, with the primary goal of simplifying and digitizing services.

Industry Automotive

Employees 8.000
Country Global
Dealer App: enabling external workforces

Creating an advanced digital environment, exclusive and strongly guided by the brand, capable of engaging and motivating even external collaboration networks within the company - dealer app.

Who is Allos | Part of Fiven

Allos is an international consultancy firm, founded in 1992 in Italy and a pioneer in the implementation of HR projects with a high value content. We were pioneers of e-Learning solutions in Italy and shortly thereafter on Cloud solutions. We have developed over 5% of the solutions available on the SAP Store globally.

Since 2022 Allos has been Part of Fiven Group, an Innovation Company specializing in innovative consulting services and AI solutions for Digital Transformation.

Ours is a complete and concrete service offer, from strategic support in business partnership logic for HR and IT up to the implementation of solutions and the change management necessary to support the initiatives. We help you achieve your business goals with consolidated models, methodologies, ideas and solutions thanks to concrete experience made up of over 30 years of history and over 500 of the most important international clients.

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